August Schippert

UI/UX Designer, Team Lead

Published on June 27, 2018

Object Oriented Life

Orienting life and drawing parallels

In web development, there's this thing called Object-Oriented CSS or OOCSS for short. OOCSS is a way of modularizing frontend code to become reusable.

An example could be a reusable button that has three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). The idea is that you can reuse that original code to save time.

But this doesn’t have to sit at development.

In design, I’ve recently created graphics of isometric people, computers, phones, tables, coffee mugs… of course, and tons of other inanimate and animate things. This helps later when I might get asked to “quickly” design a marketing piece for Instagram. Well, thing is, now I can. I’ve prepared with OOL. Saves me time, saves me from stress.

What a cool name right… OOL Object. Oriented. Life. It’s literally COOL without the C.

And it doesn’t have to end there.

In music, I’ve applied this same mentality. I use a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) called Ableton Live. This workspace allows me to set up a drum track that holds many samples of sounds. Maybe one drum rack I can call my ‘Snare’ rack and put all the snare sounds in there, and another with kick drums. Now when making music I can quickly flip through variations of drums and listen for what I want to settle on.

This mentality is great for quick tweaks and edits until I’ve found something I really enjoy.

In summary, I think I’m saying a lot about how our brains are pattern recognizers that love fast iteration to be able to explore more possibilities we might otherwise not find in a traditional manner. I also might be saying we can draw mental parallels from other projects and aspects of life.

Whatever you may get from this, It is all about what we are paying attention to, and sometimes for myself, I’m just paying attention to beer.


Note… OOL, pronounced oo-l (the same as øl in Scandinavian countries means beer).

Just drawing more parallels here.

Skol to that!